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Heritage & Values

The Roots of the Brand

Our Values

Good things, take time. In a world where everything moves so fast, I appreciate the time that it takes to build something of value.

A Story of Traditions

Before launching her eponymous brand, Violante went back to her Italian roots and took the time to learn from scratch about artisanship, craftsmanship and raw materials – Thereafter, she dedicated extensive research, travelling through Italy to meet local family businesses and developed her supply chain with the aspiration to partner and build relationships with skilled artisans in total devotion to their craft and celebrate the values of Italian excellence.

The Eco-Conscious Woman

The ‘slow luxury’ approach of Violante Nessi well-suits the modern mindset and intentions of the world-sensitive woman, whose informed fashion choices meet the needs of a ‘growingly green’ contemporary era.

Honour the Past, Innovate for THE FUTURE

It is crucial to know how our manufacturers work and develop the garments along with us – Our shared objective is to honour our past and innovate for the future as a family – We are proud to work with masters committed to excellence who honour Italian artistry with their knowledge and expertise. Every material, every detail, every supplier, all share the same respect for traditional Italian craftsmanship. From the homage paid to our signature handcrafted buttons, created by the late Mrs. Abelia, to the brother-sister lead product development in Emilia – Violante Nessi has become a family.