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Striving for perfection: Violante Nessi


by Ivan Allegranti

Me and Violante have known each other for a quite long time, since the beginning of our careers in the fashion industry. She is 26 as myself and I still remember her meeting for the first time at her apartment in Milan for an interview when she presented her first ever capsule collection. She was shy at that time, but she already knew what she was going to do. But now, after three years of her personal research and transformation, she has build her eponymous brand Violante Nessi that mixes her contemporary and young vision for fashion and art, creating on a monthly bases capsule collections for every woman who appreciates Italian craftsmanship, a modern silhouette and comfort. For this reason I decided to interview her, because at the end of the day, she and few other really good young designers will be the future fashion system.

Violante Nessi by Ivan Allegranti

Violante Nessi brand has born in 2017, how did it evolve since you started you career?
3 years ago, after working between NY and London within the design team of Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Tom Ford, I decided to move back to Italy with the mission of re-evoking the values of Italian fashion and rediscovering its elegant woman, proud of herself and passionate about life. Last year, after years of research of the best materials and the best Italian manufacturers, I was finally ready to launch my brand and my own global e-commerce. VIOLANTE NESSI has now established itself as the first Italian direct-to-consumer designer brand, where every month limited edition pieces are launched, available exclusively online and through private sales organised every month between Milan, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Which is you goal as a designer and as a young entrepreneur?
My goal as designer is the same as the young entrepreneur’s goal. There is no business success without a personal one, and as a creative and a designer the only way to win is to stay true to myself and never compromise. Being ourselves is the only way to succeed, for both a designer and an entrepreneur. I want to spread the love of ourselves far away from trends and preconceptions, where the attention is on us and our own beauty and refined souls. Where no trends tell us what to wear to feel confident. We are confident only if we believe so. There is no brand that can label us. The only label we will always have is our name. It’s you, it’s me, it’s us. And nothing will ever be more trendy and ever-green than us.

Which is the first thought you have while creating a new collection? Do you think and imagine the client that will wear it?
At the beginning I used to think of what I would like to wear to cover my insecurities, over the years my way of thinking has grown and evolved and I think first to my clients, to my friends, to my mum and to all the women that spread harmony through their souls. And I always imagine my creations on my most loyal clients! They feel so happy and pleased when they see that I listen to their needs and their wishes. The smile of my clients is my biggest success.

You have an amazing relationship with art, and you are also a painter, can you please tell me more about that? Will be your collections the same without the art inspiration and the artistic mentality you have?
I am self-taught painter which is something that I really love. I have always loved art since I was very young. I went to the most amazing museums, galleries and foundations around the US, Italy, Spain, Japan and London. I also went to Jackson Pollock house in Upstate NY and that was one of the days I will always remember for the rest of my life. Painting to me is the way I express my feelings, my emotions and my hidden secrets and fears. And painting is like a therapy for me because at the same time is the only way I can release all my fears, insecurities and thoughts. My art is the inspiration of everything I do and my collections, the silhouettes and the cuts would never be the same without all the meaning of my art behind.

Violante Nessi interview Simply Abu Dhabi

Which is your relationship with the Middle East? Is it already possible to purchase some of your creations in our Region?
My brand is based in London and I have so many clients from Middle East that live and travel there and I love the way the appreciate my design and fit with their refined taste. My collections are available also in Middle East with express delivery service exclusively only on

Simply Abu Dhabi: Your style is fresh and new so which are the advices you suggest to a young woman who approaches your brand and which is the advice to a more mature woman that approaches Violante Nessi?
Since the target of my brand is not the age but just an elegant and refined taste, I am so lucky that my clients are young women looking for special pieces to make them feel more powerful and shine their own identity, and at the same time more mature women who want to feel sexy but discreet at the same time.

What are your dreams both in personal and business life?
I am very lucky because my passion is my job and my personal dream is to keep loving myself every single day of my life and for my business is to make women believe and love themselves every second of it, appreciating only values, people who they can trust and the beauty of the most simple and genuine things.

Which, for now, has been your best professional accomplishment/prize?
Even if I know that I have achieved a lot in the last years and received so much recognition from incredible and experienced people, I think that the biggest accomplishment is still yet to come and it will be very very big.

How do you see the evolution of the brand? Will you expand into, for example, menswear or fragrances or, perhaps, launch a bridal line?
I really love the idea of creating just one style of shoes and one style of a bag that I have in my mind since I was very little. For now, I am the only one that knows the design. Since every month we launch new limited editions collections maybe one day soon I will launch a limited edition of it!

Which is your strength related to other brands in the ready-to-wear world? And what about the new young generation of talents. Did you get inspired by some of them or you focus mainly on your work?
I like to see what other brands are doing and what makes my designs unique. I love my brand and I love to stay true to my vision that I have not seen anywhere else yet.

Which is the advice you will give to a young designer that approaches the glamorous fashion world?
Do not listen to anyone and if someone says NO, you say THANK YOU.

Which are the three items of clothing that a woman should have in her wardrobe?
Definitely a pair of Violante Nessi Matisse Trousers, a Pablo Blazer and in the case it gets colder, a Yayoy Sweater would be so romantic and cozy.