fatto in italia con amore

Violante’s Made in Italy story by Vanity Fair


by Annamaria Sbisà

Following the inspiration that starts through her fingers, immersed in the colours with which she paints on canvas prints and ideas, Violante Nessi creates the world of fashion and knitwear that bears her name.
After graduating from Marangoni, working for Marc Jacobs in Milan and New York, then Tom Ford in London, finally the decision:

“I started to shape my passions with painting and designing clothing. Following simple and fine design, inspired by my art.”

There is a South-American aftertaste in the Chagall dress, in homage to her Chilean mother, there is love for “Made in Italy” in the Abelia historical buttons applied to the Matisse trousers, and there is much of it in her knitwear, sweaters and dresses that are sensual yet effortless to wear.

magliaia annamaria 90 years old working

Annamaria, Novi Ligure

handknitting machine laboratory made in italy

Orsara Bormida

knitter Luisa portrait factory novi ligure

Luisa, Novi Ligure

designer violante nessi with the knitter luisa while working

Violante and Luisa, Novi Ligure

happy birthday card at work

Luisa's grandson drawing, Novi Ligure

factory detail yarn cones made in italy

Orsara Bormida

warm focaccia lunch in novi ligure

The warm focaccia, Novi Ligure

Femininity as passion, just like the vanilla in Mon Guerlain perfume: “In a generation without feelings I want to be romantic.” Among the details, materials and workmanship shine the values ​​of Italian craftsmanship:

“I work only with small businesses, who have suffered from many brands moving to mass-production alternatives. I am creatively free and crazy about quality.”

luisa smiling for pasticcini in the factory

Luisa, Novi Ligure

bar toilet detail pink wall vietato fumare alessandria

Bar Trattoria Quattroruote di Caserto Corrado, Orsara Bormida

scissors measuring tape knit jumper factory fatto in italia

Novi Ligure

worker smiling sewing machine factory

Stefania, Novi Ligure

knitwear laboratory in italy orsara bormida

Laboratorio di Patrizia, Orsara Bormida

designer violante nessi having her packed lunch in the countryside of italy

Violante and her packed lunch, somewhere in Piemonte

Violante crosses the smaller and expert Italy, confronts with Luisa in Novi Ligure, with Patrizia in Orsara Bormida and Gianni for the buttons, to create limited pieces with fair prices. “I respect the customer and strive to give the best value – it gives me anxiety throwing away anything from food to clothing.”

Patience and dedication, a world that from 2018 will have a voice with the launch of her new website. Stories of hands and passions, like Violante herself.


In this story: Vanity Fair Vanity Fair Italia , Guerlain

close up of a working day of designer violante at a factory

Violante, Novi Ligure

italian calendar butcher shop

Novi Ligure

old experienced hand knitwear factory

Luisa, Novi Ligure