Chapter one

Violante's story told by Book Moda


by Valentina Uzzo

“My typical day? I haven’t got one. I work on typical weeks,” said Violante Nessi, jokingly. She is a young designer from Bologna who, in a very short time, has been able literally to revolutionise the fashion panorama with her enviable energy and great talent: “There are weeks when I am holed up in my office designing and at the weekend in the basement painting, there are weeks when I meet the reps and others when I manage the production. And then there are dead times which I try to make use of by going to New York to do some research and set up new contacts.”

Listening to her story is extremely absorbing because Violante Nessi really does have energy to spare, always ready to discover and learn, aware of how much an Italian girl of 25 like her can offer with her own label, the one she has had since 2014 and that today she takes round the world. But at the beginning it was not all so easy.

“I come from a family that sells building materials and my father, who always considered me a good sales woman, wouldn’t hear anything about fashion. He wanted me to study economics and law. But my enthusiasm for it was so strong that, almost in secret, I decided to do a course with a designer in Bologna who helped me improve my drawing, those which shortly afterwards would convince my father to let me continue in fashion.”

It was 2009 when Violante began her studies at the Marangoni Institute in Milan followed by an intensive course at Central Saint Martins and after that a lot of hard work.

“I have always tried to achieve a 360° knowledge of this profession,”

she told us happily. “This desire of mine to want to learn something from scratch led me straight into work. I worked first for the sale campaigns in the Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler showrooms. Then at Altuzurra, and ended up in late 2013 with Tom Ford, where I worked round the clock in the embroidery department. Tom was the best of all. It was an incredible experience, very hard work, but incredible.” Violante added, “It was all of them, all those young people running their own labels that made me realise creating your own brand would not be so impossible.”

“I had to have a go and so I just began by going around with my suitcase to show my work until I got my first order.”

Skilfully illustrated on paper, today her drawings have become the clothes that express a sincere and moving picture of a young fashion designer, who nearly became a sales assistant but who followed her dream. Just like the generation of young women to whom she now turns her professional and personal eye.


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